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Do I send you the information for the files purchased?

All of our templates are editable by the buyer/purchaser.  A link will come to the email address associated with the order that will take you to the editable templates. We do not offer editing services at this time. Editing is super simple! 

How do templates work?

Access your template just after purchase with Templett.com. 
1. You will receive an email from Templett.com with a link to access your template. If you do not receive the link, you can log in by following to the link below and logging in with the order number and email address associated with the order:
2. Make your changes to the template, save your work, and download.
3. Print.
Access your template just after purchase with free Adobe Reader Acrobat. 
1. You will receive an email with the download link.
2. Click on the editable area and make your changes to the template and save your work.
3. Print. 

    What IS EDITABLE and what is NOT EDITABLE?

    Please see the individual product listing and gallery images to determine what text is editable.
    For PDF templates only - Unfortunately, all text may not be editable due to copyright regulations. If it is NOT highlighted, it is NOT editable.
    For Templett - All text is fully editable. Graphics are not editable. You can add your own images.

    Some templates come with a backside, if not, feel free to add one. 
    Size and orientation of the document can’t be edited.

    Can I try the template before purchase?

    Yes, you may refer to the item details in the specific listing and click on the demo link. All the editing features in the demo will be exactly the same as the purchased version, except you will not be able to save or download the template in the demo.

    Alternatively, you may click on the following demo link to try a selection of our items:

    Video Templates Edited with Canva.

    With every digital video template purchase, you will receive a tutorial om how to edit a video template in Canva.

    I need help with my template?

    Send me an email to hello@savvypaperco.com
    I'm always available for support and never sign-off until you are completely satisfied.

    What are the terms of use?

    The purchase of a template is for ONE-TIME USE ONLY (unless stated otherwise in the listing description). You can edit, save and download the template unlimited times for editing and proofing purposes only. Creating multiple versions for various projects or events is NOT permitted.
    The template will be available for 1 year from the day of purchase.
    The viewing, printing or downloading of any content, graphics or templates from Savvy Paper Co is solely for your own personal use and not for republication, distribution, sale or other use. No part of any content, description or template may be reproduced in any form.We reserve the right to revoke access to a template if the user fails to comply with the terms.

    Cancelations & Returns

    Due to the nature of instant digital templates, refunds/exchanges cannot be issued once the template is accessed or downloaded via Templett. If you have an issue with your purchase, please contact us.

    I have questions!

    Please email us at hello@savvypaperco.com if you encounter any problems with purchased templates or if you have any questions!